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Salvation Is More Than Being Saved!
(Chapter 8 from Dr. Hyle's excellent book, Salvation is More than Being Saved)

John 16:12, "I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now."  Romans 8:32, "He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?"  Psalm 51:12, "Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation; and uphold me with Thy free spirit."

Someone said to me recently, "Oh, if these young Christians could just keep their joy!"

I said, "They can."

The other person replied, "Then why don't they?"

Of course, there is a reason for this loss of joy.  When we receive Christ, we accept salvation and rejoice that we are saved.  Yet somehow we think that we will rejoice the same way forever, and we should do so.  A Christian should rejoice in his salvation as much 30 years after he accepted it as he did the first moment he was saved.  Yet God knows the way we are made.  He knows that it is difficult for man to respond to the same stimulus for long seasons of time.  So He puts all that He has into salvation that we may discover its jewels one at a time in order to continue in our joy.  He freely gives us all things at salvation.  Notice again Romans 8:32, "He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?"  However, those "all things" are not discovered all at one time.

Several years ago I had a bad cold.  Somebody gave me some Contac capsules that were called timed-release capsules.  In the capsule were many little balls of Contac, but these were wrapped in various degrees of thickness so that one would be dissolved and do its work.  By the time that one had lost its effectiveness, another one was ready to go to work.  This process was continued so that the medication would periodically be putting itself into my system.  Salvation is a great deal like that.  At salvation God gives us all things in His great gift.  However, He allows us to discover them one at a time in order that we may continually have joy.

Once someone gave me a beautiful, gift-wrapped package.  I opened it.  Inside there was another beautiful, gift-wrapped package.  I opened it only to find another beautiful, gift-wrapped package in it.  I kept on opening until I had to open seven packages to get to the gift.  Salvation is given to us all in one beautiful package.  We open it and receive one of its benefits.  This causes us to rejoice.  However, since the same stimulus often wears thin, God gives us another one to open where we find another aspect of salvation.  Then when our joy diminishes, another is available, then later another and another and another.

When a person is first saved, he may be enraptured with the fact that he is going to Heaven and will not go to Hell.  Later God says, "Let Me give you another gift," and the Christian becomes aware of the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.  He rejoices about this.  Then God gives him another gift, whereupon he learns of answered prayer.  Again his rejoicing is great.  Oh, there are so many different parts of salvation, each wrapped as a part of a beautiful, timed-release capsule in order that salvation may grow dearer to us all the time so that we can retain its joy.

Years ago I went to an amusement park that had many rides.  I paid for my ticket and entered into the park.  Shortly thereafter I came to a ride that I wanted to enjoy.  I walked up and asked the attendant how much it cost.  He said, "Mister, when you bought your ticket, every ride in the amusement park came with it.  It is all a part of the deal."

My fiftieth birthday was on a Monday.  My daughters who were still at home, Cindy and Linda, were afraid I wouldn't have a good birthday because I would be flying to a preaching engagement in a distant state.  So they conceived an idea.  Before I left for the airport they gave me a big sack.  In that sack were many gifts.  I had instructions to open one gift each hour on the hour throughout the day.  Now all these gifts were in one package.  They felt that they could keep me happy all day on my birthday and prevent discouragement if I could have a gift to open every hour throughout the day.

Several years ago I was on an airplane.  An old gentleman was sitting in front of me who obviously had had a stroke or heart attack.  He appeared to be so feeble and unable to cope with the situation.  Shortly after our takeoff the stewardess came by and asked him if he wanted lunch.  He said that he did not.  She came back awhile later and said, "Are you sure you don't want to eat lunch?"

'Me old man looked up and said, "How much does it cost?"

She said, "Sir, the lunch is a part of the ticket and so is the coffee and tea."  A big smile came across the face of the old gentleman and he said, "Then I'll gladly take it."  As the stewardess walked away he was still rejoicing with his wife that more than the trip to his destination came with the ticket.

These are just a few illustrations to explain Romans 8:32, "He that spared not his own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?"  God has planned blessings every hour for the rest of our lives.  All of salvation comes with the ticket.  Salvation is more than just a ride to Heaven.  It is a marvelous, wonderful, unspeakably happy journey and so many blessed things come with the ticket.  No wonder Jeremiah said of the Lord's mercies, "They are new every morning."  No wonder someone wrote, "I'm pressing on the upward way, new heights I'm gaining every day."  So, Christian, start opening your packages!  Eat the meal!  Enjoy the trip!  Ride the rides!  Salvation is more than just being saved; it is all that God has wrapped in one big package which gives us new mercies and new joys 'and new thrills all along the journey to the Gloryland.

Psychologists tell us that there is more depression on Christmas night and the day after Christmas than at any other time of the year.  Some have even gone so far as to say that suicides increase at that time.  I told my people that I could help them eliminate the after-Christmas blahs when they sit at a Christmas tree surrounded by wrappings and boxes and realize that the festivities are over.  This is the plan I gave them.  I suggested they not open all their presents on Christmas morning.  Save one for Christmas afternoon and another for Christmas night and another for the morning after Christmas and another for the afternoon after Christmas and another for the next day and another for the next day, etc.  This wonderful thing called salvation has a never-ending joy because God's mercies are new every morning.  So much comes with the ticket.  Ride all the fides you want to ride.  Eat your meal.  Keep opening boxes.  You are saved. You have eternal life, and with that eternal life come so many wonderful things that the Holy Spirit chooses to reveal to us from time to time so that our joy may continue and even intensify!

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Received by Dr. Augusto Maquengo on the 6th may 2011:

The lord visited me in the morning immediately i arrived in the office. I felt his presence and a hand came over my shoulders and I could feel such a fire over me and I heard the voice of the lord speak to me and he started saying: write it down and tell my people.

 Thus says the lord God almighty to pastors, evangelists, bishops, and other servants: my wrath will consume you and you will not be raptured, because you have abandoned my ways and made my sheep (Christians) your personal property and your source of wealth, so I, the lord will not rapture these pastors, evangelists, and my servants who are married to prosperity instead of the message of repentance, conversion, my imminent coming, and rapture. Pastors, have forgotten their God and His glory, forgetting all the glory and honour due me. The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof? (Jeremiah:

The church which they call my house has become an entertainment centre where my servants, the pastors are the entertainers. They eat, drink, and celebrate in my house and presence without fear, trembling, or respect for me. Oh, my glory and has long left their churches. They will not be raptured if they do not weep and cry bitterly in repentance towards me, their God.

My servants have been corrupted with the world and they are now making plans to introduce yet more profound world-oriented the ideologies and practices into the church. They celebrate Valentine's day and  other pagan-oriented events in the church .

The pastors, evangelists, and bishops prophesied times of plenty, time of deliverance and prosperity, while there comes to the earth calamity, awful torment. My servants do not listen to me anymore. They have corrupted themselves with the world in such a way that they have left my ways. They do not seek me in prayer, fasting, and meditation of my word. They only fast and pray to ask gifts of healing, miracles, and prophecies and you often hear them say: I will prepare a powerful message for my service. I will prepare for a conference. I’m so busy with the counselling of my congregation. I must take care of the church and they do not have time for me, the owner of the sheep. These pastors will not be caught up, says the Lord of hosts. If you have the fear of me, then tear off your clothes, tear your hearts, your minds with tears in repentance. I want a national repentance of the church, lamentation, and weeping. Dress up, dust and cry in repentance and otherwise you will not come with me to the heavens.

My sheep eat rotten, bewitched food from prosperity messages of my servants and these pastors are investing in the future with church building projects and they do not know that all these projects will be stopped by sudden destruction and calamities. After I have rescued my bride from this earth, these building projects will be turned to nothing. They are simply empty investments which will yield nothing. Invest instead in preaching the true, unadulterated word of life. Preach instead, the prosperity of soul and spirit through repentance and eternal life. Thus says the lord. How I love my bride, who seek me daily and fear my holy name!!

Time is far spent and the end is right here. The hour is coming now, when I will take my bride with me. Immediately after this event, disasters, calamities, and horrible torments, as it never been before on earth, will disastrously destroy lives and lives. When my enemy takes over, there will not be more repentance, no time to seek me, because I will not answer any prayer, grace will have been taken and my Holy Spirit will be no more on earth. The enemy will take control and you will gnash your teeth and wail in heart, torment, and brokenness. Break your hearts now and make it spill blood for repentance, rip off your hearts in repentance in this last second of time left, otherwise horrible wrath will befall you.

But these people hath a revolting and a rebellious heart; they are revolted and gone. neither say they in their heart, let us now fear the lord our god, which giveth rain, both the former and the latter, in his season: he reserveth unto us the appointed weeks of the harvest. Your iniquities have turned away these things, and your sins have withholden good things from you. for among my people are found wicked men: they lay wait, as he that setteth snares; they set a trap, they catch men. as a cage is full of birds, so are their houses full of deceit: therefore they are become great, and waxen rich. They are waxen fat, they shine: yea, they overpass the deeds of the wicked: they judge not the cause, the cause of the fatherless, yet they prosper; and the right of the needy do they not judge. (Jeremiah 5:24-28). You will not be raptured, says the lord, unless you change your ways and repent.

I will not rapture those who married are to their televisions, movies, and entertainment world, which occupy most of your time and you don't have time for me, your God, and my Word.

I will not rapture Christians who only go to church on Sundays as a matter of religion and not really to worship me and they think that, I God, do not see and know it. On Sundays, they only go to church to show off their best clothes and meet their friends. As such, my church has become a social networking club.

I, Jesus Christ, your lord will not rapture those who spent hours and hours before the TV, on novels and other things, because they have turned these things ( the novels, and scientific teachings)to their   counsellors instead of having the Holy Spirit as their best friend.

Every believer who forgot to seek my Holy Spirit and has as his  best friend the TV and other demonic scientific ideologies instead of my Word, will be left behind to face the Anti-Christ and its wrath.

 Demons have become successful in infiltrating the church and the church today has been molded in the character of demonic theologies, instead of my Word, and the character of me, Christ the Lord. A church like this will be left behind.

There are also those, who live their lives marketing their bodies with indecent clothing and designs. This is certainly the model of the world. These Christians tell me, their God, I have already given you my heart and it is enough. As of the external part of me, let me; myself take care of it by dressing how I desire. Let it be known indeed that I have already left you to live and enjoy with the world and be with it. Don’t you know that I am a jealous God? I am jealous in all that concerns you , but you share me with the world, I will certainly not condone this .

Every believer who has made me his toy and often says in his mind: God is not so bad not to understand that we live in the 21st century. During the time of Noah, it was not as bad as it is today. In the time of Lot it was not as  bad as it is today, therefore repent, otherwise you will not have any excuse.

I will not take those who buy, sell, and play games on my holy day of worship- Sunday or Saturday .Whichever day your leaders have set for you to worship me, should be for me alone. I am your Lord. This day must be sanctified to me alone. People do not respect me their Lord and God. They tell me and argue with my true servants: this is a mere law, but we now live in the time of grace! Can‘t you respect and rever your Lord?  Does grace mean being disrespectful to your God? You argue with me even in prayer the same way you will argue when you see this message.

I will not take with me liars, the proud and vain believers who have as their best friend mundane people and they corrupt themselves with the world. I, your Lord and God ordered you in my word to separate from them and be not unequally yoked with the world. ii Corinthians 6:14-17.

I will not take with me those who add   or subtract  from my word

This is my position, accept it, says the Lord.

I, Yeshuah Messiah, your God and there is no other .Prepare,prepare,I arrive soon!

Are you ready to stand before the lord, Jesus sincere and blameless? The lord’s ultimate wish is that we all prepare ourselves for his coming, which will come like a thief in the night. He has prepared a place for us, to reign with him forever. Are you ready to give your life or rededicate your life to the lord? Then say this short prayer…Lord Jesus, I know I am a sinner and that you shed your precious blood to redeem me. Come into my life and be my lord and savior.I forsake my sins and yield myself to your saving grace. Thank you lord for saving me.


My Journey to Heaven.
It all started in a church ministration at around 9pm. God was pouring out His blessing on us.  My Pastor said to me, Adelaida, the Lord is asking me to anoint you”She started anointing my body.  When she placed her hands upon my fore-head, I saw a great light from above, descending on me.  From that moment, I became unconscious .Then the angels came and took me up into the sky with them. The angels battled evil spirits because our way was blocked with a black veil in the clouds, contaminated by demons that were trying to stop us. I saw a bright light from Heaven and a very beautiful angel with a sword of light in his hand who stretched forth his sword and started fighting the demons so that we could pass. The angel looked like a Prince. He had a golden plate on His chest and wore a very beautiful robe. His hair was like gold and his face was like ray of light and was very beautiful.

The Cleansing and Transformation of My Soul.
 We went to a very big place, with a sign that read ‘THE COMPANY OF GOD’’.The two angels with me gave me to three different angels that were waiting for me at the entrance. They then started washing me. I asked, ‘What are  you doing to me?’What is going on here? Please help me!’The angels didn’t utter  a word, but  continued to was every part of my body with very clean water. They started washing my knees and it felt terrible. I continued asking them why they we doing that but suddenly ,I could hear a voice within me saying, ‘I want you to know that I gave you those knees for you to be a woman of prayers, not for you to go round doing things that do not please me. These knees were given to you to intercede for the church’. These legs were given to you to go around preaching the Gospel, to spread My Word and not for you to go round to your neighbours gossiping and doing things that do not please Me and for this reason, the Lord said, I am washing your legs’’ you must know that, I wasn’t a prayerful person. My prayers were very short and the Lord wanted me to pray more.

Afterwards I was taken to another place where three other angels were waiting for me. This place was different, I saw things like machines. The angels started another process of cleaning my eyes with some type of oil. It felt like my eyes were taken out of the sockets.  I said: ‘Please have mercy on me, help me, why are you doing this to me?’ It was like they were scrapping me eyes. Something that looked like sardine fish was taken out of my eyes.

The Lord said, ‘Daughter, I am doing this for you because I want you to change. The things you used to do on earth weren’t pleasing to Me.I didn’t like it when you were on earth watching things that do not please Me; you were watching TV-NOVELS (SOAP OPERAS)-‘That doesn’t edify your life’’.It doesn’t please Me whenever My children are watching things like that, that don’t glorify me. ‘I will tell you who I used to be. I was a mediocre Pentecostal Christian, who never did things according to the Bible. Everything I did was according to my desires and ways, all contrary to the will of God. I am telling you this so that you will amend your ways and souls may be saved. I am telling you that lusting is a sin, watching TV novels(soap operas),worldly movies all these don’t please God.

The angels continued the cleansing process. They had this tiny glass bar which was put straight into my ears. As they started scrapping my ears, I felt a terrible pain and my soul experienced all these pains. Soon a black liquid started oozing out of my ears and later turned grey.I kept on crying aloud. The Lord said, ‘My daughter, I am cleaning your ears because you were fond of listening to things that do not please Me. You were fond of listening to gossips, you dedicated your ears to hearing things that do not please Me. Some people come to you to gossip and talk about Pastor and you were fond of listening to them even when they gossip about your own pastor instead of defending your pastors and correcting the gossipers to amend their ways, you were like them, gossiping with them…Never listen to any gossip again. Whenever anybody comes to you with any form of gossip, don’t listen to them. Excuse yourself from them and go away immediately without partaking in it.Dont listen to things that do not edify you anymore.’

I said: ‘Lord,have mercy on me! I knew I was guilty as nothing is hidden from God.All that we are doing and saying here on earth is recorded in Heaven. The Lord said to me: ‘From this day onward, you will listen to things I  permit you to.You will do things I  ask you to do. You will not be former Adelaida anymore .You are a new person and you must be the woman I want you to be.’’
I was then taken to another department where angels started to clean my mouth. My tongue was actually brought out of my mouth and placed on some kind of tray. As the angels were scrapping my tongue, a black liquid was oozing out which later turned whitish. The angels then used a very sweet water to cleanse my tongue. It was very sweet; nothing on earth  can be  compared to its sweetness. Then my tongue was anointed with oil. My mouth also went through the same process; black liquid was oozing out my mouth.

The Lord said, ‘’Daughter. I am doing this for you not to gossip anymore and to stop doing things that do not please me because your tongue collaborated in a lot of things that do not glorify Me.You told lies,so stop telling lies. Telling lies is your pastime  and liars don’t please me. All liars can never see me. As a matter of fact,no liar will enter into the Kingdom of God.’’
The Lord said: ‘‘I ‘m doing all these because I love you.If you continue the way you used to be,I ‘Im going to lose you. If I hadn’t done all these, you were never going to change. I have to save your soul and this is my reason for doing all these. I love you because I don’t want to lose you.’

The Lord said: ‘Just like you, many among my people are like that, telling lies, living a double life and they appear to be pure to others. When you shout at your husband, note that your tongue is being used’’. My tongue was totally cleansed and the Lord asked me to swallow some water which I did.My tongue and mouth were anointed with a very precious celestial oil and then my tongue was fixed back into my mouth.One of the angels came and fixed a bridle in my throat. The Lord then said to me: ‘This is the same way horses are bridled.’

Then my nose went through the same process. A black liquid came out of my nose and later a whitish substance. My nose was anointed and I felt much pain during the process. I said: ‘Lord, please tell me the things I did with my nostrils that didn’t please you.’The Lord said to me: ‘Some of your clients do smoke cigarettes and you breathe in the smoke through your nostrils because you were once a smoker and you still feel comfortable sitting with them while they are smoking.’’ I said Lord: ‘I know, forgive me. Have mercy on me. ‘The Lord said to me: ‘You are the same with all those smoking cigarettes and all that drink alcohol whenever you stay there with them, inhaling the smell of cigarette and alcohol . ‘The Lord continued: ‘This is my reason for cleansing you. From today, whenever you see anyone smoking cigarettes or drinking it would irritate you’ .There is no excuse before the Lord as He knows exactly who you are and who I am. I continued asking the Lord for mercy and I was taken to another place. In there the angels started washing the rest of my body with a white soap and from my body came grey liquid. The angels were scrapping my body and the first skin was taken off. Blood was flowing out of my skin and I was forced to ask the Lord; ‘Why are you doing this to me?’The Lord answered: ‘‘I’m cleaning you. You have to be clean in body, soul and spirit. ‘The Lord said to me: ‘Don’t return to your old ways my daughter. You are now my anointed saint.’’I said :  ‘Lord, forgive me for all the things I used to do in the past even when my pastor corrected me I always strove with him’’.My pastor always corrected me on my mode of dressing.

Then I was taken to another section where I was received by three angels. They used a white cloth to wipe the water off my body. I could see from the faces of the angels that they pitied me for all I went through, but they never uttered a word. I could not see the Lord in these places. I could only hear His voice. Other three angels received me in another section, where I was dressed with a white top and a skirt. A very long skirt that covered my whole legs.

I Saw Other Saints in Heaven
I was taken to another place and a door was opened .I saw a great light shining through that door; a very beautiful light and the Lord asked me to pass through the door. I said Lord: ‘I’m scared’. I knew the Lord was preparing me because He wants me to be saved. Love never wants anyone to perish. I said Lord have ‘mercy on me’. My soul could remember very well all the things I left behind here on earth, my children inclusive. I said Lord: ‘‘I commit my family into your hands’’. In that place I could see things like cities and a lot of people were there waiting for me.The Lord said to me: ‘My saint, the time has come,the hour has come, the time has come to come see all that are here waiting for you’’.Truly,a lot of people were waiting for me and I asked the Lord: ‘What is going on here?’The Lord replied: ‘It’s time for you to go and preach to all people. It is time for you to go and preach to all nations. All that I told you, go and tell my church because I am going to perfect my church and my house. Then My word would be taken to the rest of the world, but first My church.’

My Journey To Hell And All The Things I Saw In Hell
The angel took me away from there and we were going down. I asked the angel: ‘Where are you taking me?. It was then that suddenly, the earth opened. We got to a place where I could see a very bright light and there was a door under the earth; a horrible looking door. The Lord said to me: ‘This is the door of hell’’.I thought maybe I had been sentenced to hell for all I have done in the past. There was a Man waiting for me. Our Lord Jesus Christ is wonderful and He stretched forth His hands to me waiting for me at the door of hell. He had a key with Him, which he used to open the door. It was then I began to see horrible animals coming out of hell. I said, Lord: ‘‘what is happening to me, please Lord have mercy on me’’. He replied, ‘I am going to show you hell for you to be frightened and through you other people may understand what hell is all about’’. ‘Lord, no I don’t want to go there’’, I replied. The Lord said: ‘Daughter come with me. When we got there, some demons tried to lay their filthy hands on me. I said ‘Lord, I can’t see in this please’. I tried to cover my face with my hands, but everything was still visible to me. There you see everything like the other souls in hell. The Lord came with me and as the demons tried to lay their hands on me ,the Lord did not permit them.

The First Group of Souls I Saw in Hell: Gays and Lesbians.
The Lord took me to a place where I saw Christians who had served the Lord when they were on earth, but at the same time were doing things displeasing to God. They died and found themselves in hell. The Lord showed me a pastor that was abusing the Word of God. This pastor was a gay. I saw how demons were tormenting him. The demons placed him on a tube which was turning him round and round. He was suffering a lot of torments .The Lord said to him: ‘Son you had all the opportunity on earth to repent and amend your ways’, The Lord showed him a screen where an elderly person was telling him not to follow the wrong and obey the word of God while on earth. Every word that the Lord spoke to him through different means was shown on the screen. He refused to repent and one day, he had an accident and died and found himself in hell. He pretended to be a pastor, but he wasn’t. The lord turned His back on him and the man started blaspheming. There is no love in hell. All you find are terrible pain and sorrow .
While I was there, I felt like dying and I said, Lord: ‘I want to die’ and He replied, ‘You are dead. Experience what souls suffer in hell my daughter’. I said Lord, ‘I can’t take it anymore. My soul is burning. The heat is terrible. Lord I can’t’’

The Second Group of Souls I Saw in Hell: Prostitutes.
The Lord took me to another place. I saw demons tormenting the soul of a woman in hell. This woman was a prostitute while on earth. She was once saved and the Lord brought her out of prostitution. She backslid and was worse than before. She was murdered on earth and she is now in hell. The woman was naked and was placed flat. I said: ‘’Lord have mercy on her’’.The Lord said, ‘Noooo daughter. She had all the opportunity while on earth to repent’’.The Lord showed her a screen where different evangelists went to her pleading with her to surrender her life to Jesus, but she refused. This message is to all women offering themselves for money in the name of prostitution. Maybe you are doing it as a profession to cater for your children; maybe you don’t have a husband. God is telling you today to return to Him. God will provide for you and your family. God has made this testimony for salvation of your soul so you won’t end up in that place of torment.

The Third Group of Souls I Saw in Hell: Liars and Gossipers.
The Lord took me to another place where liars and gossipers are. I saw how they were being tormented. It was very tough. Talking about your neighbours and your pastor can make you lose your salvation. I asked the Lord : ‘’All these as a result of gossiping ?Lord but we do ask for mercy when we sin against you?’’ The Lord replied. ‘Yes, just for gossiping. These people did not ask for mercy and now, they are paying the price’’.

The Forth Group of Souls I Saw in Hell: The Alcoholics.
The Lord took me to another place. It was like a big club. I heard the souls shouting, crying for mercy and help. I asked:’ what is going on here?’ The Lord answered: ‘Take this message to all those (men and women)drinking alcoholic drinks, to al drinking alcohol day and night to all those drinking into their body things that don’t edify them, for all those using their children’s money for alcoholic drinks, take this message to them for them to mend their ways’. I saw a table placed before them in hell and they are forced to drink. They were all in flames. All they drinking was acid and I saw how their souls were exploding. I exclaimed: ‘Lord, noooooo,I can’t take this anymore, please Lord.’

There is a man in hell whom the Lord sent an evangelist to in a bar where he was drinking. The evangelist told him to give his life to Our Lord Jesus Christ because the evangelist felt he was going to die very soon. This man insulted the evangelist. He called her a mad woman. That same day, the man came out of the bar drunk, had an accident and he is now in hell. He is being forced to drink in hell .He tried to escape the torment, but the demons would not allow him. I saw another man being forced to drink the acid-like drink. I asked the Lord who he was: ‘That man was my saint, but he left me and went his own ways and he eventually died in his sins’. Everything the Lord said about the man was being shown on the screen; the message, the day, time the Lord sent the message to him. The man is now in hell because of his disobedience. Cigarette and marijuana smokers also have their department in hell, where they are being tormented. Maybe you call yourself a Christian or whatever and you are still honoring or adoring or worshipping images, you have to repent today and give your life to Jesus Christ. In hell ,there are many of such people in hell.
The Sixth   Group of Souls I Saw in Hell: Women of God –Preachers.

These women served the Lord while on earth,but they didn’t want to change and accept the doctrines of God.Rather,they preferred to serve God in their own ways. The torment I saw here was worse than the ones I saw before .I felt so much sorrow for these women of God in hell because they served the Lord, while on earth. The Lord told me: ‘I always spoke to them. I tried to correct them through some of my saints, but they didn’t want to understand the purpose’. The Lord showed me one of these women sitting on a chair full of flames. A demon began pouring some flaming liquid on her head. As the demons were pouring the liquid, her neck fell sideways and her hair began to fall off. She stretched her hand for help. I couldn’t take this anymore and I tried to cover my face.

Suddenly the Lord started crying.I asked the Lord: ‘Why are you crying?’ and He answered,’I suffered a lot for this  soul in hell. She was my saint. I corrected her not to love the world nor the things in it. ‘The Lord actually corrected her to stop dying her hair. The Lord continued: ‘She was ashamed of the grey hair I gave her. She was trying to recreate herself’.She had very long hair and was very beautiful,but she wanted to be more beautiful so she committed the terrible error. If God had given us grey hair,we have to accept it because it is from God. The Lord said, ‘Don’t be ashamed of what I have given you’.The demons continued tormenting her. She cried to the Lord for help,but the reply was : ‘It is too late’. She started blaspheming.

I said: ‘Lord, I don’t know that dyeing hair is a sin. Lord have mercy on her’. The Lord sent a Pastor to this woman while she was still on earth; she was an Evangelist while she was on earth. This woman was preaching and teaching. Like some, when they are preaching, they try to please the congregation so as to be accepted, so as to preach and teach what they want. This woman never wanted to understand God’s purpose. She eventually died and she is now in hell. This was a woman who served the Lord.

The Lord said: ‘Daughter, I am going to show you women that wear make-up on their faces’’. I said: ‘Lord, I use make-up also.I apply powder on my face for me to look  more beautiful ,to cover up the dark spots on my face’. The Lord replied: ‘Those things do not please me.I am only pleased with the natural look of my saints. A woman is to please me and her husband, so she doesn’t need make-up to look beautiful to anyone ‘says the Lord. At that moment, I saw a woman holding a mirror and demons were forcing her to paint her face. She applied an  acid/liquid which peeled her face. Perhaps you are reading this message and you are saying, make-up is not a sin, I would tell you this now, when God speaks, we all have to obey. That woman disobeyed while on earth, now she is in hell being forced to paint her face day and night. The Lord said further: ‘Those things do not please me. Do you remember when I said, he who loves the world is an enemy of God?’We have to obey that verse of the Bible.
1 John 2:15-Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any men love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. We will all be judged with this verse word. All types of make-up you use here on earth, you will use it there in hell too. I was using wet-lips to make my lips shine and call the attention of others. I said Lord: ‘‘Forgive me, because I was guilty of this’’.
The Lord said: ‘I am doing this because of the Love I have for your soul, to bring the fear of its gravity into you, for you to understand the gravity of the consequences so that you can tell the others to stop using make-up’’.Women of God, don’t look at your neighbour, look at your own life today and ask the Lord, say: ‘Lord, what are the things that I am doing that do not please you?’Ask the Lord and He will answer you. God does answer prayers.

The Seventh Group of Souls I Saw in Hell: Women Using Jewelry.
The Lord said to me: ‘Now I’m going to show you where women that use jewellery are.’
There I saw a woman who was being forced by demons to wear earrings on her ears.A big serpent came to her as she put the earrings on her ears and the serpent wrapped itself around her neck.
The Lord is totally against women that use jewellery.I said: ‘Lord, but this is just ordinary jewellery’. The Lord said: ‘My daughter those things don’t please me.’’

The Eight Group of People I Saw in Hell: Families and Loved Ones.
The Lord took me to a place where I saw a woman who was crying, screaming in hell. I asked the Lord: ‘who is that woman?’ and the Lord said: ‘I will show you who she is’. .She was a woman I knew many years ago since I gave my life to the Lord. I never preached the message of salvation to this woman. The Lord said: ‘She is here in hell because of you. I wanted to save her soul through you, but you never went to tell her about me. ‘I said: ‘Lord, have mercy on me’. The woman cried unto the Lord for mercy and I said, Lord have mercy on her. This woman was the type of woman that was given to alcoholic drinks while on earth. The Lord showed her on the screen and all the opportunities she had while on earth to surrender her life to Him, but she refused. The day I was moved to speak to this woman, I didn’t preach to her because she threatened to kill me if I should speak to her about the Lord. I was scared and there was no way I could preach to her. She is now in hell .Her name is Augustina. She is suffering in hell now.

The Ninth Group of People I Saw in Hell: Drug Addicts.

I saw a man who was being forced to use drugs in hell .He was given something like cigarette full of flames to smoke and I said:  ‘Lord, who is this man?’ and the Lord said to me: ‘Come and see who he is’. I went closer to him and I was surprised to see my brother, Esau in hell. I felt so much sorrow to see how my brother was suffering in hell and I said: ‘Lord, have mercy on my brother’. He stretched forth his hands full of flames asking for mercy from the Lord. The Lord said to my brother: ‘Son, do you remember you gave your life to me while in prison and you asked me to bring you out of prison and that you would serve me all your life? My brother said: ‘Lord I know I do remember, but please forgive me. Just give me the opportunity to come out of this place’. The Lord showed him a screen and we could see when he was in prison so many years ago. The Lord showed him the day he made all the promises to serve the Lord. The Lord brought him out of prison, so that he could serve Him, but when he came out he refused to fulfill his promises to serve the Lord and two years later, he was murdered in the very arms of my mother. He died a terrible death because of his disobedience. This is my own brother we are talking about! I didn’t want to divulge this to the public, but the Lord said I must.

The Lord showed me a woman that was a pastor while she was on earth. She was sitting in a chair of flames. An artificial wig was being put on her head in hell. The Lord said: ‘She was my saint sometime ago. She was a pastor, a great woman of God whom I used mightily, but she disobeyed my word. I said Lord, have mercy on her’. She stretched forth her hands to the Lord. The story of this woman is rather pathetic. She was a woman that served theLord,but thought she had it all, so  she distorted the doctrines of God. She exchanged the Lord for things of this world. She began to do displeasing things to the Lord. She always used vain words. All these were shown on the screen. The Lord said to her: ‘Daughter can you remember when I brought my word to you through my saint Elma?’My sister Elma spoke to the woman while on earth .The Lord continued: ‘That was your opportunity to mend your ways and return to me, but you refused and this is your punishment .Can you remember when your daughter embraced you and said to you, ‘Mother come back, but you never listened’. The Lord turned His back on her and she started blaspheming. As the Lord turned his back on her, He started weeping bitterly. I asked: ‘Lord, why are you crying?’ and He answered. ‘You can’t imagine how I feel seeing the souls that are in hell.’’

I Saw The Throne of Satan in Hell.
The Lord said to me: ‘I’m going to show you something I had not shown anyone before, my daughter. I want you to see this so that can understand that Satan is a liar and an imitator. I said: ‘Lord, please bring me out of this place. I can’t take it anymore’. The Lord showed me a throne in hell. Satan is imitating God Almighty in hell. Satan is very horrible and he pretends to have hierarchy .I could see his angels around him but they are all demons. He was wearing a white robe full of stains and very dirty. I saw 24 elders worshipping Satan in hell. They dropped their crowns and worshipped him. I asked the Lord: ‘What is this?’At that moment, Satan called one of his demons to go and bring a particular person to hell. Satan always sends his demons to the earth for destruction.

The Book of Hell
The Lord said: ‘I want you to know that Satan is real and wants to destroy the world.’ Right there, I could see a demon in form of a satanic angel with very long nails holding a book .This demon was writing in the book the names of the people that would go to hell. I asked: ‘Lord, why are they doing this?’The Lord said: ‘Go and tell the world that without Christ in their lives,satan has written down all their names in the Book of Hell. ‘The Lord continued: ‘Watch. This demon has been sent to the highways to cause accidents happening in different places’’. ‘Lord, this is terrible’. I said. The Lord said: ‘It is necessary that you see all these things so that you would be able to explain to the world what hell really is, to know and believe that hell does exist’.

I Was Tormented By Some Demons in Hell
Then the Lord took me to another place and I said: ‘Take me out of this place. This place is horrible, please. Suddenly, I met a horrible demon with long nails. He grabbed my hair and flew away with me. At this moment, I didn’t see the Lord. He had simply disappeared. The demon dragged me to another place and other demons came committing different oppressing operations on me.A voice said: ‘You are going to spend your eternity here in hell and you will be tormented and you will feel the pains and sorrow that are in hell
Another demon came and climbed on me. I tried to push him away, but I couldn't. He forced his mouth into my and I could feel his saliva all over my mouth. I cried: ‘Lord, why are you permitting this to happen to me?’The Lord answered: ‘It is necessary for you to talk to the people on earth about what hell is .The Lord continued: ‘I am a Holy God. There are a lot of people in the church doing all sorts of immoral acts with their mouths’. I asked: ‘Lord how can I say all these things?’ and He replied: ‘Say everything I have shown you’. He later showed me a screen and I could see a lot of immorality and secret sins which a lot of people in the church were committing. I was forced to exclaim: ‘Lord, what is this?’ The Lord said: “Tell them to change, tell them that I AM A HOLY GOD. Tell them that their mouth is for them to glorify me and not for immorality. I said: “Lord, take this demon off my body”, because the demon was sucking all my body, his saliva was very black all over my body. The smell of hell is horrible, worse than a decayed dead dog. The smell is beyond my description. I said “Lord help me, I can't take this anymore.’ He replied: it is very necessary for you to go through all these things”. 

Another demon came, he took me to another place where I saw some other souls dancing. I asked: “Lord, what is next for me to do now? I was placed to dance in flame, with some forces forcing me to dance. ‘Lord, why is this happening to me?’ The Lord answered: ‘Because you are a dancer. You dance at the sound of every Christian music and other ones that please you. Those things do not please me’. I said:  ‘Lord, forgive me, I won’t do it again’. The Lord continued: ‘Just like you, there are a lot of my people dancing like the people of the world. They move their waists like the worldly people. Those things do not please me’. I cried, ‘Lord, forgive me. Have mercy on me, because my soul was burning and I can tell how terrible it is to be in hell’.

The demons brought me out of that place and took me to another place, where there were a lot of worms that kept on entering different parts of my body, through my eyes and ears. I said Lord: ‘please have mercy on me. I will do whatever you asked me to do, but please have mercy on me and bring me out of this place’ The Lord said: ‘It is necessary so that everyone can understand that hell is real, because a lot of people say hell does not exist, so go and tell them that hell do exist’. Right there, I remembered the book of Luke 16: 19-31.The Lord said to me: ‘It is necessary that you say all you are seeing for souls to be saved. I am doing all these because of my love for humanity. I was going to lose you if I hadn’t brought you here. A lot of souls will be saved through this testimony.
I went through a lot of torments in hell with flames all over my body. Suddenly a light came forth and the Lord appeared. I ran to the Lord and embraced Him. I asked: ‘Lord, why did you leave me alone?’ and He answered: ‘Yes my daughter, it was necessary that you feel the pains that souls here in hell feel so that you would be able to explain to the rest of the world.’’ He took me out of there and showed me other things which I am not permitted to reveal now.

My Second Journey to Heaven, Everything is Ready in Heaven.
The Lord said: ‘I will show you where I told my disciples that I was going to prepare a  place for them, that where I am, there they will be, so that you can tell everyone that all these things are real’. The Lord started taking me straight to heaven. Then I saw a very big door. I said: ‘Lord, hell is horrible, but this place is beautiful’. He replied: ‘My daughter, I will show you Heaven’.

And I saw a place like a big city in Heaven; yes I call that place a big city because it is exactly what I saw. The Lord took me to a street in heaven. The street of Heaven is made of gold. It is real, made of gold. I saw beautiful flowers along the streets of Heaven .Very beautiful flowers which no flower on earth can be compared to. The Lord took me to a place and said to me: ‘I ‘m going to show you a river; I’m going to place you there’. There were stones in the river, the river is like glass, the stones shining. There were fishes inside the river and the Lord brought out a fish from the river on His palms and the fish was happy, playing on the palms of HIS hands. I said Lord: ‘Put the fish back into the river so that it would not die’. And He replied, ‘No one dies here. Death doesn’t exist here. This is a place of life. Everything here is life’.

The Lord took me like a little child to another place and I asked Him, ‘Where are the souls you saved, where are they in heaven?’ ‘I will show you ‘the Lord replied. The Lord showed me two sisters in Christ (Aurora and Esperenza) and who had died. They were looking so young and beautiful. The Lord said: ‘These are my saints’. They have so much peace in Heaven. They are just like angels. Their clothes were different. The place was filled with beautiful flowers with sweet smell aroma. I was in heaven. I saw heaven and I touched it. The Lord now said: ‘I will show you where the garments of my saints are’. I asked the Lord: ‘Are you going to show me my own garments?’The Lord said: ‘I will show you the garments of my Saints’.

The Lord showed me some garments, white garments decorated with gold, golden belts with names written on them. These garments are for some people still living on earth that haven’t received our Lord Jesus Christ. I said: ‘Lord, I want to see the crowns. I want you to show me the crown of my Pastor and my own crown. Lord.. He replied: ‘I will show them to you’. He showed me very beautiful crowns. I asked the Lord to show me my own pastor’s crown. He showed me my own crown, but without stones and unlike my pastor’s. I asked the Lord: ‘Why is my own crown without stones compared to my pastor’s?” He replied: ‘You can’t understand all she has gone through to have this kind of crown with plenty of stones on it’. Tell her to hold tight to what she has, so that another person would not take her crown. ‘The procedure is that an angel is assigned to place the crowns and put stones on them when people repent and come to Jesus Christ, win souls into the Kingdom of God ,when you help the less privileged, the widow  and the homeless.

I Saw the Throne of God in Heaven.’
The Lord said: ‘Daughter, I will show you something’. From a distance I saw a very big throne, a very precious and elegant throne. The Lord said: ‘This is the throne of my Father’. The Lord was sitting there, but the brightness of the throne would not allow me see much beyond. I saw elders laying down their crowns and prostrating to worship the Lord. They didn’t stop worshipping the Lord in Heaven. I saw a lot of angels standing round the throne of God. The Book of Revelations talks about this place. The Lord said: ‘Daughter, tell the world that heaven is real’. I asked the Lord: ‘Do you think they will believe me?’ ‘Yes’, He replied. I saw a lot of angels in Heaven and whenever the angels see the Lord, they take off their crowns and prostrate and worship Him. I was full of joy seeing all these. The Lord said: ‘Daughter, ALL GLORY BELONGS TO ME’’.At this moment I understand that God does not share His glory with anyone. The angels were singing and worshipping the Lord at all times.

Our God is a Holy Father, Amen.
The angels are beautiful. Whenever they are worshipping the Lord, I saw much peace in them. The worship was from their hearts. The Lord also took me to another place where I saw seven angels holding 7 trumpets and close to them were seven  other angels holding cups in their hands. They were very tall and huge, wearing white garments, very white beyond description. I asked the Lord: ‘Who are these angels?’ ‘These are angels to be sent to destroy the earth, ‘the Lord replied. The angels are with the trumpets in their hands only waiting for the Lord to give the order’. I also asked the Lord: ‘Why are they so tall?’ ‘Because they are princes’, he replied. I intended asking more questions, but the Lord said to me: ‘Don’t be too curious, don’t ask too much questions, only say the things that I have shown to you. Tell the world that there is only one heaven and there is no other. Tell them that I am real, because a lot of people don’t talk much about me. Tell them God is up there waiting for them’.

The Lord said: ‘Now I will show you what is happening among my people’. He showed me a place that is veiled. ‘See what is going on in my church. In my church, there are a lot of things that do not please me. I will only present to my Father a holy nation. My church is not ready. Go tell them to prepare themselves because the trumpet is about to sound’.

I Saw the Table of the Lord’s Supper Already Prepared.
The Lord said: ‘Now I will show you where the saints will dine with me’. The Lord showed me a very big dining table, well-decorated with a white cloth, golden cups with chairs all over and all the seats have the names of saints written on them. I couldn’t understand the names. I asked the Lord to show me my own seat. He showed me my own seat and said: ‘Tell my church to prepare, tell my people that the table is set. ‘I exclaimed,: ‘Lord, this is beautiful .I want to sit in one of the seats’. ‘Don’t sit on it .It is not yet time’ .He replied. Then I saw the angels going to and fro and one of them came, spoke directly into the Lord’s ears. I asked the Lord what he told Him, but the Lord replied,: ‘Don’t be curious’. Then the angel came back and spoke into the ears of the Lord. The Lord later said: ‘Daughter, it is time for you to return to earth. Tell my church to prepare and tell them all that I have shown you’. I said: ‘Noooooooooo’.I don’t want to go back’. The Lord said: ‘Yes, you have to go back and tell them everything you’ve seen. Tell them that the table is ready and served, ready for you

Disobedient Children Attending to Mobile Phones in the Church.
As we were going, the Lord said: ‘My church is like this: some are double-minded,hypocrites,unprepared,disrespectful to me, and do things in my house because they are obliged to do them. They want to be seen and praised by their pastors’.
The Lord showed me a church where a preacher who was preaching on the altar stopped preaching when his phone rang. He went outside to attend to it. The Lord said: ‘Can you see how they ignore my presence. When a man is preaching, he is preaching my word. They prefer to attend to a mobile phone than attend to me. ‘He continued: ‘Talk to my pastors to forget their own doctrines. They can hate you if they want, but a lot of people will understand the purpose why I brought you here and a lot of people will repent. To you pastors, people may hate you when you decide to do the will of God. It is not important if they hate you, forget about your own doctrine, follow the doctrine God has given you. Don’t try to please anybody and don’t compromise. The Lord said: ‘I am going to unite my church. I only have one church. I have no church on earth, but just one church. This is the church I will take to heaven and present before my Father’.

I'm here by the mercy of God,  telling you the things the Lord asked me to say. This message will go into your heart and change your life, so that you can repent .Ask the Lord: “Lord in what area am I failing?” The Lord will respond to you. I want to tell you that Jesus Christ loves you. He wants to change and transform your life. Jesus Christ doesn't want you to go to hell, but rather He wants you to go to Heaven, Heaven is real, and hell is real, repent now and give your life to Jesus Christ. You can only have salvation in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is knocking at the door of your heart through this message; seek The Lord with all your heart and He will do great things with you .The Lord said: “All these things I have shown you had been prophesied in The Book of Ezekiel, the Book of Daniel and in the Book of Revelation. I pray this testimony will transform your life to the glory of God. AMEN.

The Bible is real plain, we are all sinners, and whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved.  Jesus said if you will confess me before men, publicly, then I will in turn confess your name before my heavenly Father and the Holy angels.  But if you deny me before men, I will deny you before my Father. Remember, Jesus hung naked on a cross, in a market place, he hung there for you, He endured your shame. If you want to make that decision for the Lord Jesus Christ, then say this prayer:
"God I believe in you.  You are my Creator.  I am a sinner.  I sinned in many ways, willfully, and unconsciously.  I've fallen short.  I've missed the mark.  I'm stained with sin.  Jesus I believe in You.  You are the eternal Son of God.  You're the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world, who takes away my sin.  I believe You died on a cross, shedding Your innocent blood for my guilty soul.  I believe You were buried and on the third day You arose.  You are alive forever more.  I call You my Lord.  I call You my Saviour.  I give You my life.  I will love You, serve you for the rest of my days.  I belong to You, the good parts, the bad parts, the sinful parts, all my plans, all my dreams, I give everything to you.  Thy will be done in me.  I believe I'm saved.  Not by good works, but by faith, by trusting in you.  In Jesus I pray.  Amen."